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We are digital SHIFT. We love every project we work on & our clients appreciate our passion.

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We are digitalSHIFT, a full-service creative agency founded by creative directors, Marc Thornton, Jim Ready, Chris Holmes and Louis Blair. We combine world-class brand, design and development expertise in to products and services that really 'WOW!' our clients.

Our ambition at digitalSHIFT is to build a culture and community driven by the passions of the people involved, our team, our clients and the work we do - allowing the culture to develop and build along the way, defining the agency as it grows.

Coming from uniquely multi-disciplinary backgrounds we are able to deliver the entire consumer journey - from development of brand identity and values, through to communication, engagement and analysis.

We're talking about discovering the best possible solution and delivering it in style. The discovery process is all about shouldering up with you and your audience and championing your mission, vision and goals at every stage of the project.

With the discovery phase complete we begin to add value to the discussion by identifying alternative approaches, fresh ideas and the latest technologies that will ensure the final delivery isn't just great - it's innovative too.

Our passion for innovation is at the heart of what we do. You won't find us shying away from trying something new or finding a more efficient way to meet the needs of the project. We are constantly on the look-out for new and better ways of working. It's in our blood.

It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and begin building, crafting and tuning your masterpiece. From a clients perspective this is time when communication usually fizzles out until delivery is due. At digitalSHIFT we take an entirely different approach.

For us, this is the point in the process when we are able to identify quick wins, unveil hidden efficiencies or find opportunities to add value to the existing scope. We do this in parallel to the development and design process so the project time-scale itself remains unaffected while we all enjoy the benefits of a flexible and agile approach.

All the preparation, planning and hard-work leads to this one special moment. We've given everything, and then some - and it shows. The end product is a culmination of our teams passion and experience and we stand by it with pride. We love every project we work on and our clients appreciate our passion.

This is not the end but the start of the next project. The next big challenge. This time there will be even more synergy, more understanding. We'll be sticking by you all the way. Your success is really our success and we couldn't stop even if we wanted too.